Ryan Forbes – Portfolio – Jan. 2017

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Making my “triumphant” return to the Hosting business with Riot Radio after a 3-year hiatus.  I quickly realized that being in a crawl space for hours on end isn’t exactly my dream job. I’m here to listen to myself talk, and to turn bringing up indie music that no one has ever heard of into a career, to make a few bucks, and to blow it all on tattoos. If you see a vaguely-hipster looking kid with a band shirt on, who just happens to be at a gluten free establishment? Odds are you’ve got the right guy.

Highlight Reel made from assignments of Durham College’s Broadcasting – Radio and Contemporary Media program, year 1, semester 1.


Episodes of my self-produced radio show on Durham College’s Riot Radio station, Uncharted Up North is a look at new and underground Canadian artists that helped to give them exposure to new listeners, and their 15 minutes of fame.

Riot Radio – Uncharted Up North – Ep. 1
Riot Radio – Uncharted Up North – Ep. 2 
Riot Radio – Uncharted Up North – Ep. 3 
Riot Radio – Uncharted Up North – Ep. 4 
Riot Radio – Uncharted Up North – Ep. 5 
Riot Radio – Uncharted Up North – Ep. 6 
Riot Radio – Uncharted Up North – Ep. 7 
Riot Radio – Uncharted Up North – Ep. 8 

Concert coverage of Five Finger Death Punch, Sixx:AM, Papa Roach, and From Ashes to New complete with photos from the event

A journalistic look at my hometown of Kenora, Ontario, as it related to Gord Downie’s latest project, the Secret Path and the story of Charlie Wenjack.

An assignment looking at the Canadian Black Friday and its effects on shoppers.

Some of my articles and videos that I produced through my experience at Q104 – Today’s Hottest Music,  and their website Kenoraonline


Articles and the full videos that were made into the Harbourfest 2013 Highight Reel video above.










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